Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I have given in!

So many people I know are making shawls and I have been looking at so many of them on blogs. For me, it all started with Moxieblossom and herCharlotte's Web Shawl she made during the Knitting Olympics. I just could not quit going back to look at it. I had a hard time finding Koigu, but I was finally able to get to a store I knew carried it. I hope the colors go together, there were only about 8 choices and I needed 5.

I have started this shawl no less than 15 times. At least 3 times, I got to row 30 or so and had to tear back for some silly reason or another. Now I am running lifelines. lol.

In spite of the frog pond, I have really enjoyed the process. I am putting no expectations on myself, this is just going to be enjoyable. I had decided I never cared if I knit the yarn or not, it is soooo pretty.

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moxie said...

Woo-hoo! Best of luck on your shawl. I noticed that you have stitch markers placed between each repeat. I would also recommend placing a stitch marker on either side of the center stitch, and a stitch marker right before or after that first yarnover on each edge. That way you'll remember those yarnovers.

Also what helped me was counting the stitches after each repeat; there should be 8 stitches/yarnovers in each repeat.

And... just know that if you make small mistakes, they won't show up in the finished product unless you REALLY look for them. Usually if I missed a yarnover I would go on, and then when I got back to that spot on the next row I would M1 (make 1) to give me the correct number of stitches and keep going.

The Lifeline is a great idea too! At my yarn shop the lady told me that with Koigu, even if you're not totally sure about the colors, they'll usually go together in this shawl because of the way the colors are blended. Good luck! :)