Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Minimal knitting going on these days

I am so ready for life to return to normal. I have accomplished a little bit of knitting, though. I have another sock in progress (well...LOL....in this current phase of knitting anyway, I have lots of them in the forgotten stash) but it is at work...well, actually 2 there at work. I had to start a pair for hubby, he is so patient and gently requested a pair for him in the frenzy of the stress knitting. I'm not moving as quickly these days, just seem to have given it all up for a time. It is comical, though....when I do knit and the conversation even hints of stress, I speed up considerably! The yarn is Hand Jive and I'm teaching myself to do it the magic loop method. So far, very easy...but I haven't hit the heel yet!