Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Minimal knitting going on these days

I am so ready for life to return to normal. I have accomplished a little bit of knitting, though. I have another sock in progress (well...LOL....in this current phase of knitting anyway, I have lots of them in the forgotten stash) but it is at work...well, actually 2 there at work. I had to start a pair for hubby, he is so patient and gently requested a pair for him in the frenzy of the stress knitting. I'm not moving as quickly these days, just seem to have given it all up for a time. It is comical, though....when I do knit and the conversation even hints of stress, I speed up considerably! The yarn is Hand Jive and I'm teaching myself to do it the magic loop method. So far, very easy...but I haven't hit the heel yet!


Liz said...

Good to hear from you again. I can just imagine your hubby's thought process as he debated asking for socks right now! You're in my thoughts, I also hope life returns to normal so we can hear from you more often!

Lauri said...

One day you will finish all of the socks, and have lots of warm feet. :-)
I'm sorry about making you knit so fast the other day! (But it was sorta funny to watch you knit faster as I talked about the stressful situation I'd had!) I'll try to keep it as low stress as possible from now on.
Great knit night tonight! It was fun to see everyone.

Melissa said...

Looking pretty good. I haven't gotten much knitting done lately either.

Liz said...

Your wish is my command (to see the bears' legs, that is). They're up now.

You sound like you've been under a lot of stress lately. Want one?

Liz said...

What's your mailing address? Send it to me at toastwatch@hotmail.com

Anything to help. Do you like chocolate?

Liz said...

Glad you like the kneesocks. I'm still hoping to send you a bear, but I need your address!