Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Going ... going .... gone!

Don't forget to change your bookmarks...the coffee is on!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Moving day...

I have moved....please come visit me at my new home.

Hope you had a happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ahhh, it feels so good ....

I am so glad I am knitting again! My pictures aren't great because my camera went dead today so I charged it and then had to use flash. I know there isn't a lot of progress on the sock, but I got to get away this weekend with my girls for a shopping trip. We had a great time, and I did manage to get a little bit of other knitting done in the motel room. I am really enjoying this sock. I really love the yarn!

I also got Stephanie's new book. I was so impressed with the picture on her blog (and a zillion others) that now I want to go to New York and find the same place and take a sock picture. For now, my sock will have to be content to show itself on the book. Hopefully I will not be on the same sock when I finally make it there!

The other day, I was startled quite a bit by this:

I am not exactly sure what went through my mind, but I was quite taken aback until I saw the grin. He loves to startle me in mischevious ways and I have been grateful almost every day of his life for how creative and typical he is. We've always had such great, great support, but those few "professionals" along the way who told us that these kids don't require much attention in the early years have been proven wrong. And hey, if it wasn't for some of the shenanigans, who knows if I'd have started knitting again!