Tuesday, March 20, 2007

when is a mother proud?

What can I say? My 18 year-old daughter, who refuses to admit she likes to knit, made this sweater for a very special baby a few months ago.

Here's a close-up of the sleeve...the day before the baby shower, she took out the seams of both sleeves and did them again because she wanted it perfect.

And here is the picot hem.

What I loved about this whole project is that she did it all herself. She looked up what she didn't know on her own and every time I saw the progress for the day, I was just astounded at what she'd taught herself. What a way to learn, eh?

Today she just finished a sweater she made out of Manos del Uruguay yarn. She knit 3 sweaters before she had something she liked. I am just amazed at her diligence and attention to detail. I'll get a picture of the sweater when she gets the buttons on it!

I've been knitting again and enjoying it. I don't have any pictures to show...but will soon. I also have to share a picture of a very fun little surprise I got today! I remembered to bring my camera home, but will take some pictures in the daylight.


Liz said...

Very cute sweater!

Melissa said...

uummm....wow!! This baby must have been one special little one!! It's gorgeous and looks so snuggly!!