Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stress knitting pays off :)

I really am not walking around like a ball of stress...and maybe some of that can be attributed to mindless knitting. The time I have been knitting has been minimal, but I am sure making progress when I do knit. I got a bunch more of this yarn in today...the colors are so nice. I needed a mindless project and this has been great. I think I will start another mindless project as soon as I am done with this one. I have to say, the colors and the yarn are quite soothing.

Yes, I am getting a little bit of a ladder...it's cuz I am not used to knitting on dpns any more. It isn't bad though...showed up more in the picture than in person.


Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

The yarn is gorgeous! What brand is it?

Liz said...

those colors do look like a good diversion... i can just imagine myself "ooh purple! ooh blue!" as each one popped up.

score one for mindless knitting! I had a generally sucky day and working on my mostly-stockinette sweater really was soothing.

Lauri said...

The sock looks great! The colors are really nice. (Makes me want to stop by and get some more yarn!!lol)