Sunday, September 17, 2006

What do you do.....

when life just feels tough?........

Knit a sock!

My Charlotte is still on the needles and I have really not lost momentum on it, but I just don't have the concentration I need to work on it right now. It popped off the needles and I got the stitches picked up, but I need to figure out where the yarnovers were. is resting right now. Thankfully, it was at a point that I was pretty excited because the last color is coming in, so I am sure it's going to stay at the front of the to do/want to list.

There is a lot going on in my life right now and I couldn't follow any kind of pattern so I started a new sock! Amazing what stress does for you when you're knitting socks! 3 days....a sock. I love it, too! I am using FlyDesign Monarch sock yarn, August colorway. The twist makes the's a lot like Koigu and Socks that Rock. I got minimal pooling, which is a major pet peeve of mine. I am never content to let the yarn be what it wants to be (right, Lauri?) The only time it pooled was in the gusset decreases.

This sock feels so good on my foot. I have a board meeting to sit through tomorrow and I plan to knit my way through it. :) It will be a relaxed meeting anyway.

My method of choice in knitting socks is using 2 Addi Circulars....but this time, I was too lazy to go get my needles so I started them on my Addi DPNs instead. I'm glad I still remember how to do it. It's been funny, though. Several times I've pulled them out of the couch....they are dangerous, I forgot how much! lol

Anyway...that's my update. I'll be back when I'm back. haha

ps.....I cannot find my camera cable so pictures have to wait. boo hoo


Lauri said...

I can't wait to see your socks! I love how mine turned out.

Liz said...

so great to see you update! I hope all your stress calms down... AFTER you complete the pair in record-breaking time.

Is the yarn that delicious bumpy two-ply? I am so in love with koigu right now.