Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vacation pt 2

This is at the foot of our campsite...we had the only site that had privacy. Once in awhile, little kids would be in front of our site throwing rocks into the river, but never for long and it didn't really feel like intrusion anyway.

This is looking up towards the front of our site. The kids are playing frisbee alongside the RV. See the little corner bench there under the trees? I never sat there, but it was a cute spot.

This is standing near the end of the RV looking out towards the river. We had a lot of room!

One little picture of downtown Leavenworth. If you are ever in Washington state and get a chance to visit, do. It is so quaint. Our family always enjoys it. I just don't like how hot it gets, but love the little shops there. This is where we were on Sept. 11, that fateful day. It was our first time there and it was so strange to be where this happy music was playing on the streets and in some of the shops, the people are in costume. We love going there, though...have been many times since 2001.

Back to work next week, though. :(

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