Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vacation knitting and a wedding

I have no idea where my post about my vacation knitting went...and it was long.

On vacation, I didn't do any of the "have to" knitting I brought with me...instead, I pulled out my Charlotte's Web shawl and started over. I didn't frog the first attempt, I just pulled the yarn out of the bag...ha ha. I was never happy with the colors of the first one and have been collecting a few new colors to add to it. This time around, it is just knitting up so easily. I've been putting in a lifeline faithfully after almost every pattern repeat and happily pulling them out after I get several past it. The way the colors have been coming out amazes me. Sometimes they pool even when I am using alternating colors through part of it. It's kind of cool how you move through the colors. One gets to shine in all it's glory, then you start mixing in the next color, so one fades out, one starts to bloom. Then it gets to shine in all it's glory until the next one gets a turn. I love watching it happen!

We came home a bit early from vacation so we could go to a wedding. The wedding was great, just like I expected it would be knowing the bride!

Since I'm not sure she wants her picture linked to her blog, I am just going to leave it at this, but is sure was fun and I thought she looked so beautiful in the sweater her mom crocheted her!


Lauri said...

Nice to have you back! I've missed coming into the shop! Your shawl looks terrific - I love the colors.

I hope that you had fun camping.

Melissa said...

The shawl looks great!
Looks like you had a good time at the wedding!

Sharon said...

What an awesome spot to tie the knot, how romantic.

Charlottes Web shawl has always intrigued me, it is so beautiful and just so happens to have the same name as one of my favourite books as a kid.