Friday, June 30, 2006

Yea! It's been a day!

What a fun, fun day. :)
I got to go to 2 birthday events to celebrate a good friend's and my birthdays. We had breakfast at one friend's home...a wonderful tea party. (I'm not a tea I still enjoyed it very much. My friends just can't convert me, I'm a Starbucks girl myself!)
Then another friend brought us both a Hawaiian lunch to my little shop...complete with flowered flip flops and leis! We had salad with some kind of tropical muffins and strawberries and cream. It was lots and lots of fun.
The fun didn't end there.
I got my Knit Lites in stock today! What fun! It was pretty funny trying to cast on the clear tips in daylight. I felt like a new knitter! I'm also not used to such long needles...but they are still pretty fun. Hubby and I went on our weekly date night tonight and I was pretty eager for it to get dark. I was knitting on a dishcloth as we came home and it was getting dark. My hubby said to me..."Wow! Those are a lot brighter than that head light thing you wear!" I DON'T wear a light on my head! haha. I DO clip a light to my seat belt or my shirt though. I did ask him ages ago if I had gone too far in my obsession! nahhhhhhhhhhhh
But that wasn't all!
I finally spent my Christmas money today! took me all this time to decide what to do with it. I got myself an I-Pod! Right now I am listening to a if some of this doesn't make sense...well, hmm. I may be sharing some of the podcast with you by accident. haha
All in's been a fun day.


Sharon said...

Happy birthday, I did read right it is your birthday???

What are those needles??? I have never seen anything like them, do they glow in the dark or something??

KnitPastis said...

Oh how I would have loved to be sitting at this Tea Party! This is right up my alley. You had a lot of fun!!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Those needles have lights on the tips? How cool is that!!