Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Progress of sorts

I was making really good progress on the sister-in-law socks until the weekend hit. I do have the ambition to keep going on them, though. I finally found the "right" ones and I know she's going to be thrilled with them. I'm using Trekking again. I guess she just needed plain stockinette socks and I know she'll like the stripes. They're really going fast except I feel like I've been on the heel flap (eye of the partridge) for ever...just because I can't get it done in one sitting.

But today, I just had to drop everything and start a baby kimono because I got some Cascade Sierra cotton. I have never liked knitting cotton before, but this stuff is wonderful! It drapes really nicely and I think it's perfect for a baby! Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice, but I'll put a finished picture up soon and it will look better.

Now for the comical side of the story. I tried to take the pictures at dusk. I also tried to go do it without hubby seeing how weird I am. I took the sock and the kimono out on the deck and hung the sock in the tree. It wouldn't stay the way I wanted it to so the heel would show so I just snapped it the way it was after I had fiddled with it too much. Wouldn't you know it? It was stuck in the tree! I had a heck of a time untangling it....you always gotta wonder what the neighbor's are thinking! Then I get back inside and hook the camera to my laptop and all of a sudden this big black thing is flying all around my head and I am whacking and flipping my hands all over. My hubby said, "What are you doing?" I am nearly screaming that something is in my hair. He says, "Oh, it's just a MOTH!" Now tell me, is that the kind of thing to say to a knitter? hahaha. And no, it wasn't a moth. Sheesh.


Lauri said...

I am very happy for you that it wasn't a moth! I remember what happened a while ago!
The sock looks great. You're making good progress. I'm glad that you got the sock out of the tree! :-)

Melissa said...

You crack me up. I just bought yarn for a kimono myself and I can't wait to start it!

siouxstitcher said...

Fun to see your new projects