Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Dear Kay and Ann

I got caught up in the frenzy from Mason Dixon Knitting and whipped up a dishcloth... or warshrag as they call them! The project is quick and easy and a nice little break from the sock knitting. See my cute little bag? I had to run to my favorite little gift store and buy the bag to put my cotton yarn in. This is what happens when the sun shines and you try to sit outside at work and the wind is blowing your yarn all over the place. haha. I can thank Melissa for getting me off track! lol She's made some great dishcloths! I made mine a little smaller. I have small hands and the other one was just huge. I feel like I've barely worked on it and I'm almost done. Then back to the socks unless I get the urge to make a few more of these first. It's not really a big diversion because they really are fast.
Later in the day:
I came back to post the finished product. I cast on 33 and have 8 of the color sections. I could have gone one more, I am sure, but when I checked it on the needles, it was square. This is actually perfect for my hand. I followed the pattern as written other than the shorter cast on. I figured out that you can increase and decrease by 6 to make it come out right. I am now ready to start the other pattern in the book and I can't decide between lavendar or my favorite apple green. Great Mother's Day presents! Off to my knitting!


barb said...

Beautiful dishcloth! I knit a bunch of discloths a few years ago and they are my favorite things to wash dishes with (no dishwasher). I just recently had to throw out the last of them as it had holes that were slowly getting bigger and bigger. You've inspired me to dig my kitchen cotton out of my stash and whip a few more. Also, thanks for visiting my blog again & letting me know about the basket pattern. I've just read through your archives--I love your Silk Garden socks--that is one of my favorite yarns--how do they feel as socks though? Are they ichy at all? And how is your shawl going? It's beautiful and I can't wait to see more.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) Glad I inspired you. I love that book, don't you? How many "rows" did your washrag end up being? By rows I mean the 2nd color sections. The pattern ends up with 13, but like you, I would like a few that are a little smaller. I thought about doing the math in my head that it would take to discern how many stitches to cast on to make it a little narrower also. More like a small rag. I could have the large ones and small ones, and I've thought about doing a few that are about twice the size of the original pattern so that I could use them for drying dishes or other general stuff. When I get the math figured out, I'll let you know.
Great job!! Get over to the MD KAL and show off!! :)

Angela said...

Just finished one of these, too and I love to 'warsh' my dishes with it...feel spacial, you know? Working on a second with varigated blue and green yarn and white in-between, as we say down south:) Welcome to The Knitting Path Webring! By the way, how did you get that background on your blog? Thanks in advance!

Lauri said...

Looks great!
You're starting to tempt me to make one (or 2) too! I'll have to stop by and see it soon.

(How are the pom. socks coming along? I made a mistake in mine, not sure if I should tink it, or just keep happened at least a row ago.)


Melissa said...

Wow!! It looks great. I'm definitely going to make a few of the smaller ones. Thanks for doing the math so my tired brain didn't have to. :)

Liz said...

Ooh, that basket is gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, you're the first one! And your socks look so pretty. Might just have to make a pomatomus myself!