Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Still around....

Life has been busy ... I've been working on my silk garden socks (ready to start the heel on the 2nd sock) and the intarsia bag is back to the first row of intarsia. I wonder if I will carry that silly little bag yet this year.

I do have the picture of the baby hat finally. It's really tiny, but I bet it would fit a newborn well. Since it only took an evening to make, why not make something that a baby could wear right at birth and make another one later. This yarn is so soft and just perfect for a new baby. We tried one out of alpaca, but realized it is so fuzzy that for one thing, the yarn overs don't show and for another, who wants to let all those little fuzzies into a new babies eyes! I had so much of the yarn left over, I may try making some tiny socks to go with the hat. How cute would that be?

I'm getting the bug to start other projects, but I need to stay on task and finish at least one of my WIP. I can be the queen of flitting from one thing to another.

Hopefully there will be something a little more exciting to post here soon.

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