Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Medal!

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We made this medal for my 77 year old mom for her part in the Knitting Olympics. She committed to knit 24 pair of slippers for our local mitten tree and surpassed her goal, not sure of the exact count yet! So several of us had the idea to make her a medal but had quite a time finding something to use. My hubby finally found a drain plate at the hardware store and we wove yarn through the filter in Olympic colors. My sister is going to engrave a small plate with her name on it. I am so proud of her for pushing herself to meet her goal and go for bonus points! We'll give it to her tomorrow morning.

As for me, I am now knitting some Noro Silk Garden socks (cast on 40 on size 2 needles) and am teaching myself intarsia. I really believe that having participated in the Knitting Olympics has increased my confidence and desire to push myself beyond what I have been able to do. I love knitting socks but haven't done much beyond basic socks because I have found so much contentment in that alone. Soooo, thanks Stephanie, for forcing me out of my comfort zone!

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