Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the frog pond!

I decided to frog the socks. I am loving knitting with this yarn and I am not in a hurry for the socks. I want to like them when I am done. This time I am doing two rows of one color and two rows of another so it can pool all it wants but it isn't going to show the same way...at least I hope it doesn't.

Here is the frog pond:

Contrary to what my dear friend Bunni thinks...I do NOT like to just knit and then frog it all so that I can take pictures of the results!

I really like them better this way. The pink keeps them warmer looking.


Lauri said...

I liked the socks...but then again, I won't be the one wearing them!
I think that sometimes the process of knitting it is as enjoyable as the end product(at least for me)so if you are frustrated, then there is a good reason to go back. Even tho I've given you a hard time about it - all in fun!

Melissa said...

As long as you're happy with them, frog them as many times as you want! :)
They aren't any good to you if you won't wear them when they're done.

NeedlesWork said...

I am glad you decided to start over, even if it wasn't just to take a pic. Ü I liked them best when you first started with two colors.
Signed: your friend, Bunni

Sharon said...

I liked the socks, but I have frogged many projects if I am not totally happy with them.

moxie said...

what colorway of Socks that Rock is that? It's beautiful!