Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Bolero

I did take pictures but it's been so long since I have posted any that it appears my cord for my camera is not in my bag so I will do upload them when I get home tonight. I had all of the stitches picked up for the sweater edge and the center wasn't in the center at all, so I pulled it all out and will re-pick them big deal, the loops are looser now. All along some of the edges it seems you need to skip a lot of stitches, then when you get across the neck edge, you add a lot. When I resumed the picking up stitches after the weekend, I decided to count to see how many I needed and it is off. Back to the drawing board...but it hasn't been much work to get this far and will be done quickly once I get moving on it. I am thinking it will be pretty cute.

It's awfully hot today so I just can't seem to stay at anything...I go home in an hour and I might work on it tonight, maybe not. haha

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Sharon said...

Looking forward to seeing a pic. Is that a new header?? Or haven't I noticed it before?? It looks great.