Thursday, April 27, 2006

Once in awhile there are FOs

I made my friend a moebius basket. Why is it that when you have made something several times without any trouble at all, the one time you are making it for a gift, it gives you all sorts of grief? This was nothing but trouble. Besides the fact that I didn't really like the colors, the bottom was puckery and then after I felted it, my son got ahold of the only balloon I had and put a hole in it so I didn't have one to dry it properly. I had to re-wet it after I got another balloon. Oh well, my friend loves it. The basket probably looks bigger than it really is. It's gone now so I can't measure it, but it's probalby 6 inches wide.
She also had a new grandbaby so I made the baby a hat. It's out of Cascade Fixation on a size 6. I started the hat about 6 months ago or so with no one in mind. She had seen one I had made and was trying to find someone to knit one for the baby so I decided to finish it and give it to her. She was thrilled. Now I am back to my blue Trekking socks, which are behaving just fine now. :)


Melissa said...

The basket and the hat both look WONDERFUL! I especially love the basket. Well done.

Shelley said...

The hat and the basket look great! I really love the basket though, it's super cute!