Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Olympics are 40% over~tinking ahead for me....

Well, I am getting very confident in this pattern and you know what happens then...yep, mistakes! But guess what. After I titled this, I went back to the mistake and tore down and actually fixed it...a yo, sl1, k2tog, yo...and it looks just fine. Now I wouldn't really recommend this method too many times, but it looks ok and I'll be happy with it. I am just getting tired of ripping back many rows of knitting in the back loop and then not getting the stitches all twisted up. These socks are really fun in spite of the little mess ups on the way. I think I'm getting too anxious to get going on hubby's socks again. He's so patient and didn't complain when I dropped his socks to do mine for the Olympics. I plan to knit with Olympic speed to get his done, too...even if they are done after the Olympics are over.

Anyway, I got past the heel and gusset decreases and am now racing down the foot of my sock. I have 2 pattern repeats down and 6 to go before the toe! Woo hoo!!!

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