Thursday, February 23, 2006

#2 Finished!

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Here is my second pair of socks....I had one of them just started a few days before the Olympics. When I finished my original challenge so quickly (which I still can't believe), I pushed myself to get hubby's socks done, too. The first one practically knit itself, the 2nd one was nothing but forwards and backwards. Why is it that when one goes so easily, the other one will inevitably be nothing but trouble?

I want to thank Stephanie for this challenge...I am a better knitter because of it. I realized how much I wander to other things when I am trying to get one thing done, and it was such a good feeling to stick with it until I finished. Thanks Stephanie, I don't think I ever thought I could get 1 3/4 pairs of socks done in 12 days!

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